Monday, April 11

The Sounds

This cool photo of the Sounds from Christian who notes : "straight from Sweden."

Madeleine: "Did you go to school with Harry Potter?"
Me: "Harry Potter?"
Sonnet: "I think you mean Emma Watson, who goes to Brown."
Madeleine: "Yeah. Did you know her?"

Madeleine: "I want people to know my face. I want to sign autographs. I want to be a famous actress."
Me: "What do famous people have in common?"
Madeleine: "They work hard?"
Me: "Bingo."
Madeleine: "In drama I never get the big parts."
Aneta: "My first part I was a river. Glug. Glug. Glug.. ."
Sonnet: "When you go into drama class next term, tell the teacher you want a bigger part."
Me: "Well, Kid, show us some acting."
Madeleine: "Like what?"
Me: "How about 'I love you?'"
Madeleine: "Dad!"
Me: "Ok, say 'I really love that red car.' You know, with emotion."
Madeleine: "I really looove that red car."
Me: "I luva that red car witha alla my heart!"
Sonnet: "I think your daughter is trying to have a serious conversation with you."
Me: "Madeleine, if you want something honey, you have to ask for it."
Madeleine: "Give me the £40 you owe me."
Me: Touché.