Thursday, January 27

Video Killed The Radio Star

Eitan bakes a cake and I play us music on YouTube including favorite "Video Killed The Radio Star" by The Buggles. The Song released in '79, was the 444th number one in the UK charts, spending one week at the top and shooting The Buggles to fame. I've never heard of them since. At the time of the single’s release, The Buggles did not have an album’s worth of material so they wrote most of the other tracks for their debut record The Age of Plastic (1980) while travelling around Europe promoting their hit. We also listen to Human Leagues' "Don't You Want Me Baby," Devo's "Whip It" and Madness' "My Girl." Like all parents before me I cannot stand the stuff Eitan listens to on Capital Radio. At least the '80s was original.

Madeleine greets me sprawled out on the hallway stairs.
Me: "Hi Madeleine and how was your day?"
Madeleine: "Fine Dad. Aren't you going to ask me?"
Me: "Ask you what?"
Madeleine: "You know."
Me: "What did you have for lunch?"
Madeleine: "No."
Me: "How is your arm?"
Madeleine: "Nope."
Me: "Is it your birthday?"
Madeleine: "Dad!"
Me: "I give up. What?"
Madeleine: "If I need glasses."
Madeleine: "They aren't sure if if I do so I am going back."
Me: "Did you lie to them about the letters?"
Madeleine: "It would be so cool if I had to wear glasses."

Me: "Madeleine it's dinner. Get off the floor!"
Madeleine: "But I'm picking up a needle. You know it could hurt if somebody stepped on it."
Me: "Stepped on it with their eyeball?"
Eitan: "Remember when you stuck a needle in Madeleine's knee?"
Me: "I did?"
Eitan: "Yeah. She had a wart or something."
Me: "That one must have hurt."
Madeleine: "You don't even know Dad."

Me to Rusty: "We'll love you even when you are old and stinky."
Eitan: "Dad!"
Me: "And hopefully that is how you will feel about me and your mother when we are old and stinky."
Eitan, thoughtfully: "How do you know you aren't already?"

My girl's mad at me
I didn't wanna see the film tonight
I found it hard to say
She thought I'd had enough of her
Why can't she see
She's lovely to me?
But I like to stay in
And watch t.v. on my own
Every now and then
--"My Girl", Madness