Sunday, January 30

Richmond Ramble

Sonnet and I have several hours to ourselves and go for a walk - The White Lodge, pictured, is the backdrop. I am tempted to get in the face of a driver who brazenly swipes our parking space but since she is a she I desist. Given the Keys and Gray dismissal - am I sexist?

Eitan and I pick up Madeleine at Nicki's birthday party.
Me: "What are five good things in your life?"
Eitan: "Football, school and swimming."
Me: "Anything else?"
Eitan: "Cooking and my friends."
Me: "How about five bad things?"
Eitan: "Parsnips."
Me: "That's it?"
Eitan: "I can't think of any others."
Me: "Parsnips. Ok. That is pretty good."
Eitan: "And war."
Me: "Do you think about that?"
Eitan: "Yes, but I don't really understand it."
Me: "Most adults don't either."

On the walk home from Nicki's:
Madeleine: "What's for dinner?"
Me: "Your Mom's making fish."
Eitan: "I'm not eating it."
Madeleine: "Why not?"
Eitan: "Because I feel sorry for the fish. And because of over-fishing."
Madeleine: "Not fish fingers?"
Eitan: "No."
Madeleine: "Not fish 'n chips?"
Eitan: "Well, maybe."

Madeleine: "Look! Look at that!"
Me: "What?"
Madeleine: "It's a prisoner's gate. On that door."
Eitan: "Is that house a prison?"
Me: "I imagine not."
Madeleine: "It might have been. In the olden times."

Eitan's class continues to study Ireland.
Me: "What bodies of water surround Ireland?"
Eitan: "I don't know."
Me: "The Atlantic Ocean is one. Any others?"
Eitan: "The Pacific?"
Me: "Are you mad?"
Eitan: "Well, it could be sandwiched between the Atlantic and the Pacific."
Me: "Atlas, mister, when we get home. First thing."

Over dinner.
Eitan: "I'm not eating fish."
Sonnet: "Not fish fingers?"
Eitan: "No."
Sonnet: "Not fish and chips?"
Eitan: "No."
Eitan, looking at his plate: "Poor little fishes."