Tuesday, November 23


Willem with us this weekend for early Thanksgiving. Willem married to Halley, and we are also joined by their children and "Fozzy." which gives Rusty some companionship (they dogs establish whose dominant by growling and humping each other). Willem co-founded Exeter University's Mood Disorders Center, a research, clinical and training which he runs today. He joined the university in 1999 where he has had a number of roles including heading up the doctoral clinical psychology training programme, leading the clinical research group and academic lead for the Mood Disorders Centre. In 2006 he was awarded the May Davidson award for clinical psychologists who have made an outstanding contribution to the development of clinical psychology within the first 10 years of their work as a qualified clinical psychologist. He is a "grand-fathered" Fellow of the Academy of Cognitive Therapy. Source: Willem's bio on website.

Last year, following a similar Thanksgiving re-union, I was in California driving on the 101, listening to NPR : there was Willem being interviewed.