Sunday, November 7


Yes, that time of year again and the kids look at me balefully: "can't I just do my homework?" Madeleine asks. We all chip in and some several hours later the leaves bagged, pond dredged, trees pruned, cracks sealed .. how did we get to November already?

We have a late dinner with Tony and Susan who are moving to Boston earlier than expected. Tony and Susan have found a flat on the sixth floor of a seven-floor pre-war colonial in Back Bay one block from the Boston Common. I have indicated that I plan to make myself comfortable there whenever in town. Tony has been a friend and mentor from early Trailhead Capital and we share several funds together. He is a self-described "recycled entrepreneur" whose first company, Morris Decision Systems, ranked in the US top-ten for growth during the 1980s before being sold. Today he advises tech companies on strategy and development and serves as an advisor and director to a number of private and public companies including Datanomic and Diamond Wood China, a renewable energy company. He has also invested in a number of the most successful Silicon Valley funds during the golden era of venture capital.

It has been some time since we have lost an important friend to re-location. Four or five years ago many of our dearest American expats returned to the US .. 10 years into "an experimental living" seems to be the make-or-break point on becoming "native." So here we are at 14 - go figure. My dreams of the Pacific or Sierras on hold indefinitely but never say never.
Moe once commented: "Not a bad place to be ship wrecked" when I once saw things this way. Now I love London's weather and the excitement of a day trip to a European city, even better if not for work. Or watching Eitan play football and cheering Manchester United or Madeleine's performance class. I am also proud of Sonnet's museum and our friends and so when someone dear departs I am reminded that most things do not last forever.