Sunday, September 5


I'm not really sure what's on Madeleine's mind, or her intentions, but here she is by the sofa.

Eitan's KPR back in action for a "friendly" tournament in Barnes to help the Barnes Eagles build their new sports club after the old one burned down from foul play. The boys are rather scrappy following the summer recess and it shows: four games and one goal. Fortunately, the only goal an equaliser in the fourth game so the lads, for all their effort, walk away with four ties; it is not enough for top honours too bad. Us dads stifle yawns. It's good to see the crew: Joeren is from the Netherlands so we talk a bit about the World Cup (Spain defeated the Dutch); Johansson a diplomatic correspondent who tells us about Tony's memoirs; Nick owns Britain's largest children's shoe chain and we learn what is selling (for the record: player-sponsored football boots yet, Nick notes, "they're all crap" - I can't disagree as Eitan begged for Rinaldo Nike "Mercurial Vapor" for £120. And these weren't the most expensive, either. Not on my watch).

We spend the rest of our weekend prepping the kitchen for a paint-job thinking olive-green. It should be fun but I can be grumpy about indoor chores - especially after busing the kids back-and-forth to their various. Nevertheless I did paint about 75 houses in Providence, Rhode Island, over three summers so this should be my moment to shine. We putty, tape, scrape and sand: a hole filling "foam" attaches to my fingers and takes a layer of skin when removed. Tomorrow, brush-work.

Cal wins its opener against UC Davis, 52-3. The Bears are 9-0 against UCD since 1933 when the teams played each other for the first time.

Eitan: "Dad, here are my covers for my homework books. I put my favorite funny stuff down."
Me: "Hmm?"
Eitan: "See, it looks like Fergie [Sir Alex Ferguson, ManU coach] forgot to pack his sun cream."
Eitan: "And this one says: 'Welcome to Deepdale. The next game blackpoo.'"
Eitan: "It's meant to be 'Blackpool' but they left off the 'L'"
Me: "Pretty funny, huh?"
Eitan: "I think so."