Wednesday, May 5

White Rock

In those fine, early, years of courtship Sonnet and I often went to my parent's cabin in Bear Valley. Here she is at Lake Alpine in the summer of '94. Best decision I ever made.

Eitan moves up in swimming and now trains with the 10-11 year-old squad (he is the youngest). The boy has five weekly practices of 90 minutes, including Monday morning 5:30AM which we will miss, thank you very much. Unfortunately, the other pool-times not exactly accommodating as they cater to the older kids so last night Eitan trains from 7:30PM until 9PM going to bed around 10PM. Back and forth and back and forth he goes - never a complaint. His coach tells me he is a pleasure: competitive yet willing to take instruction. I might suggest the competitiveness from me while the patience and ability to remain focused Sonnet's. Last night the kids do individual medleys and I chuckle at the butterfly which takes some time and practice and a little bit of arm strong -- all forthcoming. I use the time to go for a jog along the Thames on a perfect, cool, late spring evening where the sun hangs over the river for what seems like hours. Thanks to our recent rain, the green grass and tree-leaves vibrate with colour; the water is a silver-dark glass broken only by the rowers' wake. When it works, it really works.

"Be your own boss. Sack your MP. Choose y our own school. Own your own home. Veto high council tax rises. Vote for your police commissioner. Save your local post office."
--David Cameron on the campaign trail (the general elections tomorrow)