Saturday, April 10

She Sells Sea Shells

Madeleine's visit to Exmouth scores a crab's shell, which she brings home to me: "I like that it is not a perfect shell. It is nice but not perfect. I don't like fancy shells. Well, I do like them, but I think this one is really cool." I agree with Madeleine - cool. This exoskeleton makes me think of something other-worldly which, perhaps, is fair since the first crab fossils date from the Jurassic. This one, pictured, about the size of my hand while the smallest, a pea crab, a few millimetres wide. The Japanese spider crab, on the other hand, has a leg span of four-meters.

Madeleine: "I have spring fever!"
Sonnet: "What does that mean?"
Madeleine: "It is when you really want to do something now."
Sonnet: "What do you want to do?"
Madeleine: "Run around in Richmond Park and be crazy and be free."