Sunday, March 21

Sunday Homework

Eitan: "Mum, I am really bored with this homework. The school homework is too easy."

Sonnet: "Well, how about your tutor's assignments? Those are a bit more challenging."
Eitan: "Yes, but I still have to do the other stuff."
Sonnet: "Well, do the tutor first and finish up your school work before bedtime."
Me: "What is your homework?"
Eitan: "I have to think up a disaster. In a sweets factory."
Me: "That sounds pretty interesting. How about a bunch of you are in the sweets factory listening to Manchester United on the radio and they lose?"
Eitan: "That is not funny, Dad."
Me: "Well, a year ago that would have been a calamity. Remember when we watched ManU lose to Barcelona in the UEFA Cup final? (which we watched at The Red Lion in Greenwich Village,NY). You were, like, sobbing afterwards. All the men thought I pinched you or beat you up or something."
Eitan: "Yeah .. "
Sonnet: "Don't get distracted. I am sure you can think of a good idea."
Eitan: "Maybe I can just say a bomb blew up the factory. Then at least I would be done."