Thursday, December 17

Lip Stick

I am beguiled by this young women, pictured, who puts on her face leaving Waterloo station.  It is about late morning and I return from Soho where I have done a few holiday chores.  She is utterly engrossed. Red to lips; black to eyes and powder on cheeks - all in front of a small mirror, often angled to capture the best sun light from a low horizon. My mobile makes an intrusive noise when I take this image and I only get one shot. She gets off at Barnes and I wonder where to?

Since my photo may be viewed as, ahem, voyeuristic I may as well stick to pervy and report on Mrs Bibi Giles who is suing her gynaecologist, Dr Angus Thomson, for sexual assault and sexual harassment - very serious charges.  Mrs Giles says Dr Thomson gave her an intimate examination that caused her to have two orgasms in less than two minutes.  Mrs. Giles, 50, is married to Peter, 65, you see.  Her case turns rather limp when one considers a suggestive text message, sent by her and aired in court, where Mrs. Giles asks Dr Thompson to "christen" her with his "Angus beef sausage."   Wonder if the judge had a boner?

Well, before we give up on Britain completely given Mrs Giles and everything else, a team of scientists here has unwound the genetic code of two of the most deadly cancers. Eventually a simple blood test could lead to accurate "made to measure" treatment that identifies, attacks and kills each patient's cancer.  Should we rise above ourselves, our children will experience unimaginable human achievement.