Tuesday, December 29

Into The Hoods

Last night we visit Southbank Centre to see "Into The Hoods" (sic) which is "the award-winning smash hit from the West End and two Edinburgh Fringe Festivals, Into the Hoods features groovy tunes and wicked dance moves and includes music from Massive Attack, Kanye West and others."  The performers from ZooNation UK Dance Troupe started by Kate Prince in 2000 when Prince teaching at the Pineapple Dance Studios in London, which led to their 2002 debut performance in London of BoxBeat at the Lilian Baylis Theatre at Sadlers Wells.   It is all about funk fusion and hip hop. The Royal Festival Hall on its feet by the end and deservedly so - the performers confident, proud and mostly black though a few white dudes bust some rhyme looking like, well, Vanilla Ice. Remember him, 1990? I guess you cannot blame them, though - they were born uncool.

Price a choreographer whose work, when not teaching at Pineapple, includes theatre, television, music video, commercials, fashion, documentary and live events. Most recent credits are the 'Opening Ceremony - Tour de France 2007,' 'Strictly Dance Fever' (BBC), 'Hey Kid' video for Matt Willis (Mercury Records), 'Blue Peter' for ZooNation (BBC), and 'Top of the Pops' (BBC), 'CD:UK' (ITV), 'Smash Hits Pollwinners Party' (Channel 4) Wembley Arena, and 'The Official Olympic Celebration' Trafalgar Square. She is blowing up with 'Into the Hoods.'  All good.

To think the Southbank Centre almost demolished - Tony Blair pledged by 2002.  Not surprising as it is a 1960s concrete monstrosity (the Royal Festival Hall finished in '65).  Still, this an important place in London's psyche: Southbank Centre started with the '51 Festival of Britain, and described as "a tonic for the nation" (politico Herbert Morrison) - it showed Britain’s recovery from World War II. Today Southbank is culture, happening restaurants, singles bars (Las Iguana shows some serious leg) and the best views of the river's northside.  Magic.

We listen to some 'chill' music. Me: "Doesn't this make you feel good?"
Eitan: "No, actually. It makes me feel kind of frustrated.  And cramped."