Tuesday, August 25

Pint Glass

It is late evening and I walk to the duck-pond with the kids; Madeleine busies herself making a Swann's nest and both befriend some Italians who give them bread for the birds. The temp a perfect 72 and autumn somehow feels around the corner. A nice evening.

So in England, the Home Office aims to get rid of the traditional pint glass in order to reduce the 87,000 injuries caused each year by glassware, according to Sebastian Conran who heads the Home Office Design and Technology Alliance Against Crime (Big .... Brother ....). I do agree that anything to reduce injury a good thing and I suppose when facing a shit-faced brawler the glass a natural extension but wouldn't it be better to reduce the drunk somehow first? Oh, I forgot - we tried that by granting pubs 24 hour licences from two years ago. So here is what the Design Council reports: 126 million pints of beer served in Britain each week and the average Joe will finish 11,6000 pints in his very English lifetime. The classic pint jug originally ten-sided but changed to a dimpled design in the last century. The most common shape of a pub glass today the "nonic," derived from its "no nick" design - a bulge below the rim that prevents them from chipping. Genius. Absolute genius. And finally: pint glasses have a number on them from the Weights and Measures Authority used to identify which office inspect them should you ever think Government somehow not looking.

So in case you were considering, a pint of bitter about 170 calories so over a lifetime a Brit consumes 1,976,640 calories of beer. A quick search of the Internets tells us that to shift 1lb of body fat, we need to 'lose' 3,500 calories. Good luck, Mr obesity.