Monday, December 22

Sunday Afternoon

Here is Sonnet in front of her home away from home. My photograph taken on Exhibition Road or the Westside entrance of the V&A - note the chunks of portland stone missing. This area heavily bombed during WWII and the museum took some mighty hits. During repairments, the outside structural damage retained for us and other generations to see. Madeleine with a new "buddy."

We visit the V&A following lunch with Scott and Cindy and Tony and Suzanne, whose daughter has returned from her first semester at Penn, to great reviews (I ask Tony if he has read Tom Wolff's "I Am Charlotte Simmons" but he ducks). Scott and I met around 2000 at a Brown function, which makes sense since he is a member of the Trustees as well as being on the acquisition committee of the Rhode Island School of Design. He and I hit it off famously and Sonnet and I consider them an important friendship - last year, Scott turned 6-0 while I 40 so we celebrated our centurion with a magnum of champion. Yesterday was interesting as the kids joined the dinner-table and I am happy to report that they held it together admirably with only a few interruptions whilst trying vigilantly to use fork and knife on their meat (I wonder: are we such cannibals at home?). Scott feeds Eitan ginger cookies under the table while Madeleine searches their Chelsea house for buddies - she wants to take them. Arriving home around 5PM we are happily tired and sit around the Christmas tree searching for the Liverpool vs. Arsenal match until I remember that Eitan has been grounded from football for some reason. Oh well, almost perfect.