Thursday, December 11


Despite my jet-lag and being e-x-h-a-u-s-t-e-d, I rally to join Sonnet and Paul in Brixton for the Kooks, a favorite band that I have followed for some time. Their tunes are loud, catchy and guitar-led Brit-pop while retaining an urban under-belly vibe. Sadly and inevitably, their edginess tempered by fame and repetition - they no longer show up at some venue dazed and a bit shy like in San Francisco when I first saw them. Last night we had all their best songs from albums one and two but also bouncy balls and confetti. I mean WTF? Nobody complaining (other than me) and arms waving and kids screaming at the wall of sound (thank you guilty Phil Spector) that today leaves my ears buzzy. Photo from MySpace.

Before Kooks, I am greeted by the Shakespeares who are thrilled to see me home. Such uncloaked love - nowhere else but with little children, oh happy life. Their attention turns to gifts as in: where are they? Usually I spoil them but this time I am lite - and they are not happy especially Madeleine who thought I was getting her a boat (I did use a ploy to get her to speak to me on the phone but another story. My bad). The Harry Potter absorption continues and yesterday's movie night... Harry P, of course. I am happy to report that Sonnet and I now often find Eitan tucked away reading somewhere. Like all the time. Madeleine is doing her multiplications and has 2's and 5's covered.