Thursday, December 25

Jolly Merry

Eitan and Madeleine arise at 6AM and race into our room - presents! I tell them to go downstairs and watch cartoons or whatever. We agree to join them in 45 minutes. Groan. Sonnet is up and and about and soon we are sitting before a fire and the kids squealing with delight: "A Manchester United calendar! Just what I always wanted - I can't wait for January!" and "A Manchester United travel kit! And a Cristiano Rinaldo comforter!" and Madeleine: "Another buddy - that makes 93!" and "Coloring books! and an artist kit!" (I get Sonnet a music player which I load with my favorite songs and some opera too). We listen to Diane's "A Merry Little Christmas" where she sings the classics like "Santa Baby," "I'll Be Home For Christmas," and "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus" (Diane, who has a wonderful, rich voice, made the CD with proceeds going to the Miracle Kids in Northeastern, PA). After breakfast Sonnet now reads the kids Harry P and we will soon go to the park for an afternoon stroll to burn off some energy and prepare indoor movies and such activities. London is appropriately grey and a cold-front moves in adding to the "festive season." I would venture the good majority of houses in our area have lights, trees and holiday wreaths on their door. Thank you to our family and worldly friends who have sent us and the kids presents, holiday cards and love and warm wishes. Thank you!

Painting of Chelsea and the Battersea Bridge by Doug Myers.

"Ho! Ho! Ho!"