Thursday, September 11


Here is the newest addition to my family - congratulations to Joe and Susan on their blessing and beautiful number two.

Boy does this bring back memories - and how strange that it is six+ years since Sonnet and I at this stage in life. It all repeats and we find ourselves doing more or less the same as everybody else. There you have it - my Big Insight for the day. Oh boy. When Madeleine born, I packed up and moved from the bedroom into the guest room, where I happily wore ear plugs. And watched TV. And stayed up late. No need for everybody to be grumpy, after all. Madeleine was a loud baby too - stubborn and slow to sleep through the night though Sonnet was disciplined. Then as now, she refused to take suggestions and I have always admired Madeleine's independence though perhaps not when changing nappies. Or spoon feeding her mushy peas which ended up everywhere but in her mouth. Or getting her to do Kumon. These were the good times too and how fleeting it all is (Big Insight #2).