Monday, September 15

Lacing Up

Madeleine gets a helping hand pre-footie.

Sarah Palin is a bona fide celebrity, which is interesting given the Republicans attacked Obama for being the same. Any case, I admit that Palin triggers a little pleasure zone somewhere in my brain - it is the same as with other celebrities, which is why I bet we find them so fascinating - we are programmed to respond to common societal phonomena. I mean, who can forget O J? God, I cannot: 24-7 dude. Any case, Palin is everywhere and it is all coming out: her favoritism, flip-flop bridge, special interests, secrecy, library censorship, husband Todd's role in state-affairs, first passport 2007, religion: God, God! God! McCain once promised us his VP would be ready to take his place at a moment's notice: "you know, immediately" he said. I have come to appreciate that the experience void and small beer make no difference to Republican voters - they are brain-washed by The Hot Dish, who Schwarzenegger himself said was a babe - Palin talks a lot of smack, shoots guns and shags like a bunny. In other words, she is just like we want to be America! Gosh darn, I'm gonna vote for her - my two Ivy League degrees be damned! She needs a smack-down - where are you Hillary Clinton?

Eitan informs me that there are two kinds of torture: "when you hurt somebody until they are dead" and "not being allowed to watch television when Manchester United is playing."