Sunday, June 29


Adam on the Lower West Side.

I'm in New York the first-half last week to visit Tim and Kitty, who had their baby five weeks ago. Not all babies are cute and this one is way cute. I forget how remarkable a newborn, and to see her on the bed struggling to understand her limbs brings back memories - none, of course, being about exhaustion or nappies. Eitan and Madeleine's early years, despite struggling with a wack job business partner and the telecoms Internet boom-bust, were great times. You really learn about your marriage, I'll say. Sonnet and I were at first afraid (terrified) of leaving Eitan alone and so he slept with us... for about three weeks until Sonnet put the Kibosh on that one and he got his own room. Nearly immediately he began sleeping through the night. Madeleine, on the other hand, kept us awake for months, refusing to seed the battle for hunger or comfort. Remarkable first impressions, Dear Sir. Today Madeleine confirms her Tom-Boy status and we do the checklist: climbs trees? Check. Likes sports? Check. Hates Barbie? Check. Jeans or a dress? Jeans, of course.

Back to the moment: it is 4AM and I'm still on West Coast time as I blog now. Sonnet and I have dinner earlier with Sonnet's colleague Malissa who is the senior curator at the de Young Museum in San Francisco. She celebrate her 50th in Europe+London to attend the CHODA conference, which Sonnet chairs. Years ago, Sonnet was an intern at the de Young and so Malissa recommended the Courdault Art Institute and wrote Sonnet's key recommendation (Malissa an alum). In large part our being in Britain is due to her, God bless. Malissa knows everybody in the dress-fashion-design world and boy is their catching up a conversation. While Sonnet away, Malissa tells me that she and everybody are thrilled Sonnet has achieved: "she makes us all look good." Amen, brother.