Wednesday, September 12


When he's not kicking a football, Lars is running his hedge fund Holte Capital which he started in 2002. He is a multi-talented Dane whose skills include risk-management and ball control - Lars tells me his hackey record is 300 kicks. I've known Lars in London since 1999 when we played poker (his gambling habit moved to full-time). He was educated at Harvard undergrad and Harvard MBA - I tell him this is like having crab for your appetiser and main course.

Madeleine and Eitan had a school assembly yesterday where they learned about protecting our planet. Starting now, we will no longer use plastic bags for
anything. The children were told that a plastic bag carelessly tossed into the Thames was found on a sea lion at Clacton On Sea - fortunately the fisherman took the bag off the poor fellow's head before he suffocated. Now, you see, it is personal and Madeleine wales: "The sea lions dad! You're going to kill them!" when she catches me red-handed at the groceries.