Friday, September 7


Erik departs this morning on his Harley Davidson (one of three) with his arm held high. The kids simply squeal with delight as the machine belts out noise that rips into the morning quiet. From there I take Eitan and Madeleine to school as Sonnet bolts early for London's Fashion-in-Motion, which this time showcases the work of Manish Arora - one of India's most talented designers. Erik and I stay up drinking beer the last three nights and swap funny First Boston memories including, for instance, the time our colleague Dan Albert Fedex'd the board of Philip Morris (which BTW includes a former president) a presentation mis-spelling the company's name. That was a doozy. Or Vice President Brian Barrington forgetting to include tax calc's on his divestiture of Esso Imperial in Canada (doh!). Or despised Associate Linda Huber being fired by a client and calling us from her hotel because she had no one else to talk to. Boy those were good times.