Sunday, September 2


We see the Tydemans yesterday and Gil (pictured with Natalie and Zak in the background) is the spitting image of his dad including his thoughtful contemplation of his life's surroundings like: "hmmm, I wonder if that birthday party has a proper permit?" We picnic at the Princess Diana playground, which is its usual buzziness with sand-castle-diggers, rope climbers and pirate ship explorers all. Afterwards we go into Hyde Park for hide-and -seek and other various exhausting games. The Tydeman's three children range from one to four and are all remarkably well behaved. Even Zak, the youngest whose birthday is this month, gently taps his mum's shoulder, clearing his throat and exclaiming a short "ah-hem" when he wishes her attention. OK, it's not quite like that but compared to Madeleine's lungs at the same age I wonder if we missed a trick or something. Justin busies himself with a new Nikon camera and otherwise has settled into the new ownership of his company, Selecta, which was bought by Allianz Capital Partners in July (Justin remains Chief Executive). Other then different time pressures, it seems to be business as usual and no stress to Justin.

Madeleine adopts a pineapple, naming it "perfect piney". I ask if she is upset when Sonnet cuts it to slices and Madeleine looks at me like I'm nuts.

Madeleine cries fowl when Eitan steps on her finger while they tree climb. I tell her she can either move her hand or I can yell at Eitan. She, whispering conspiratorialy: "Dad, I want you to yell at Eitan."