Saturday, June 9


Here's Sonnet in 2003 during Eitan's infamous Hollywood try-out. Sonnet tells me just now that she does not like this photo: "I look tired" she says. I tell her she was tired - the kids were one and two.

This morning begins with wild parrots who perch in a nearby aspen . Eitan and I consider this from his bed while thinking about our day beginning with football. Both kids play hard and during a game Eitan makes a terrific cross-pitch pass to team mate Harry who thumps in a goal. Bravo! us dads cheer. Madeleine's side fairs less well: 1-5 against us. Oh well. Everybody in good spirits and we celebrate with Cokes and crisps.

From football the kids help me with yard-work then Sonnet takes Madeleine for some chores while the boy and I go to the dump to recycle our earthens and wash the car. Finding ourselves with time to spare, we go to the neighborhood common to practice football. I must admit my frailty: after an hour in the muggy heat my shirt is soaked and I am easy prey.