Thursday, June 21


Sonnet organises a Happy 4-0 where I celebrate my new life at a five star hotel and concert. She and I take Wednesday and today for ourselves, leaving London for room service and spa therapy easing my anxiety: can I really be this old? Normally I don't care about my age but somehow a new decade seems like, well, a milestone. When I visit Silicon Valley, one is assumed over-the-hill by 28. In London the hedge fund managers are in their early 20s. Happily, I think the most entertaining are ahead and certainly Eitan and Madeleine add to this fun.

Eitan has a play-date with school chum Harriet who says: "Lets do sums!" Eitan replies enthusiastically: "Mom! Mom! we want to do sums! May we have some paper please?" The rest of the afternoon is spent filling the white sheets with additions and subtractions.