Sunday, March 18


Madeleine outside the local toy store Friday. Aggie has the kids on a sugar-free diet but one can see that I am a sucker. The condition of Madeleine's treat is that she must chose a lolly for Eitan too.

Yesterday we discover the German braut-house Stein's on the river in Richmond - the food is legitimate and the owners krauts. We meet our neighborhood friends Rhonda and Ed and business school friends Thomas and Margret who share a three month old. The day is picnic-weather and we sit outside on the late winter sun while Eitan and Madeleine race up and down the river looking for lady bugs, which are out early this year. In the afternoon Madeleine helps me clean the car and Sonnet heads north to Primrose Hill for a farewell dinner to dear friend Rana Faroohar who moves to Park Slope, Brooklyn.