Wednesday, September 20


Roger visits London, Paris and Madrid for Microsoft, where he is Product Manager, client-exchange services which generates some $1.2 billion of revenue for Redmond. During this research trip, Roger and his reports observe email usage in a sterile environment through a one-way mirror to determine customer habits. This despite lovely Indian summer weather. I think of the interrogation room on Law & Order. In between we have some time to goof around and yesterday we saw the Modigliani exhibit at the Royal Academy. Today, we travel to Paris for work, and stay at the Le Faubourg in St. Honore. Roger was the best man at my wedding and a treat for us, and the kids, to see him and thriving.

Natalie and Justin announce the the birth of their third baby, a 8lb, 2oz boy. As Justin notes, the baby will be named "when one of us gives in." Congratulations!