Wednesday, August 2

Fabulous Bru

This is Bru (19/5/06). Bru is Sonnet's cousin and son of Missy, who I met in London in '98. He lives in Rome with his Italien girlfriend Manuela, and has two flats next to the Piazzo Campo dei Fiori not far from the French embassy. From upstate New York, Bru followed the Greatful Dead for a number of years, then applied to Cornell where he received his undergraduate degree. A room-mate introduced him to the Vatican, where he worked in the bursor's office reimbursing Cardinals and Bishops their expenses. Bru's expressive personality is best suited for the Mediterranian, and we have taken joy visiting him on several occassions in Rome, where he has opened the city to us. This photo taken in Colorado at Maire's wedding by Stanfill M. Stanfill - and demonstrates one interpretation of 'cowyboy chic.'