Saturday, April 29

Auntie Katie

Katie visits London with her think-tank 'The Hidden Brain Drain' with Sylvia Hewlett and Cornel West to present to the House of Commons (29/4/06). Also attending were Cari Dominguez, head of the European Economic Commission, Prof. Lord Eatwell, President of Queens College, Cambridge, and Jermey Isaacs, CEO for Lehman Brothers Europe & Asia. Closer to home, Katie attended a typical family weekend of football, yard-work, hair cuts and general business. The kids were rewarded with special artwork made by her for them. They also had an above average quotient of potato chips and junk food.

PS- Cornel West, who clearly adores my sister, called Sonnet his 'soul sister' while I received a hug and the warm title 'my Berkeley Brother.'