Tuesday, May 21

Aneta And A B'Day

Aneta's carrot cake

Here is Aneta, who joined us in September after an 18 hour bus ride from her small town in the Czech Republic.  Without her, our lives would be near impossible as she shuttles the kids to swim practice, jogs with Rusty, helps around the house and baby sitting and always with a smile.  In short, she keeps us running. God bless.

Sonnet turns a year and begins the day at Bikram yoga, 6:00AM.  She was to take the day off - why not ? - but decides there is too much to be done for her Italian exhibition and so reports to work. Yes, she's a worrier.

Watching Sonnet age is a joy. Not getting old, mind you, but knowing that we have shared this special time together in the vastness of it all. None of it makes sense but the continuity helps.