Saturday, March 16

Spring Break

American yufful hedonism on display with film 'Spring Breakers', which shows college girls gone wild with guns and sex and drugs and stuff.

When I was a senior at Brown, cross country pal Vince invited me and four other runners to the Florida Panhandle for .. spring break. We left Providence, Rhode Island, in the midst of the New England winter to arrive in the glorious warmth of the sunshine state.

From Vince's condo it was a skip to the beach where we, a pale emaciated lot, observed the pecking order: Georgia Tech or Florida U frat guys, totally buff and already forming beer bellies, sun burnt and drunk, devouring beer 'bombs' and screaming their approval at one another.  The bikinis surrounded them.

From there it was mostly a down hill affair from booze drenched bars and jam packed clubs vibrating to "Funky Cold Medina" (I shudder). Me, never a pick up artist, chored with the impossible task of finding five women but - success! - I score a willing party and off we go only to learn they are high schoolers. The girls never so safe.

Overall, on balance, we probably ended up better off than the meat heads we partied with though, undoubtedly, they have better memories of that time.