Saturday, March 16

A Fox

Me: "Rusty caught a fox today!"
Eitan, Madeleine, Jack: "No way!"
Me: "True. The dog was whimpering at the back door so I let him out and bam! there was a fox and the chase was on."
Eitan: "And he got him?"
Me: "They were going 40 miles per hour and the fox hurdled himself on the fence and bounced off - it was like throwing a football."
Madeleine, Eitan, Jack:
Me: "And Rusty was on him. I think he was kind of surprised - sinking his teeth into fox fur."
Madeleine: "Was the fox hurt?"
Me: "He got away and then they raced around the backyard. Around and around and around. Until the fox tried the fence again and made it this time."
Madeleine: "Woa."
Me: "Rusty was so worked up he could hardly sit still all morning."
Sonnet: "Never a dull moment at No. 45."