Sunday, November 4

Three Essays And An iPod

Madeleine does some homework

Today the last day of the two-week half-term and so the kids scramble to do what they have put off : my three essays.  They cry, complain and bemoan their circumstances which, in the end, requires a direct command - sit! - at the kitchen table and get it done.  It takes maybe 45 minutes work and, for the amount of resistance and procrastination misery, it seems hardly worth it. But oh yes it is, boy.

And with one-click^tm of a mouse, Eitan has an iPod.  He cracks his safe-box (disguised as a photo book) and hands me his hard-saved allowance.  The boy has done his research and knows what he wants : white, 8 gig and wi-fi. We discuss Spotify, iTunes and ripping CDs.  . . This is how a middle-aged man bonds with his son these days.  Moe and I used to toss a football.

NB : Our policy on computers is downstairs only and no gaming. Eitan's purchase catches us out. I am more liberal - trust the little animals - but Sonnet knows better: "I don't want to be the bad guy telling you that you cannot play on your iPod" and of course she is right.  The rules stand.