Saturday, November 3


Montreal's Olympic Stadium (photo from the web)

I return from several days in Canada starting in Montreal and ending in Toronto.  I travel with AFIC, the French venture capital association, to convince Canadian investors of the merits of French private equity.  Despite the European crisis, questionable Euro and Hollande tax scheme which initially aimed to tax carried interest at 95% in France, we put our best chin forward, meeting with a number of the Canada's largest institutional investors.

Montreal a French city (the French drop the "t" from the city's name so "Monreal") and I am happy with my tongue which holds up through travel fatigue and multi-course dinners. I enjoy speaking to my friends in their mother language.

Europeans love Montreal for its size, aethetic and sensibility.  It is like Boston and San Francisco : a managle place.  Once Montreal the city of Canada but when the seperatists took control in the '70s, wanting to split Quebec from the country, Big Business split for Toronto, which has grown to five million people while Montreal has stayed about the same size. The '76 Olympics didn't help much, either, bankrupting Montreal and taking taxpayers 30 years repay the debts.

Madeleine (after we watch the film Litte Big Man): "Are there any Indians left?"
Me: "Yes. Do you remember New Mexico? 
Madeleine: "Do they kill rabbits?"
Madeleine: "To eat. Do they?"
Me: "I guess so. I had not thought of it."
Madeleine: "Yeah, I thought so."