Thursday, May 24

V and A

Madeleine has yet to start Emanuel and we are at our first school fund-raiser - this one for a new £2M drama theatre which will open in March 2013.  By coincidence, the £250 per ticket event at the V&A for a private viewing of .. Sonnet's Ballgowns exhibition.  Sonnet makes herself available and even receives a bouquet of flowers from Emanuel's governor and an ovation.

Eitan sits in front of his Mac: "It says 'file saved automatically' - what does that mean?"
Me: "It means that your file will be immediately deleted."
Eitan: "Really?"
Me: "Are you going to the Hampton School this fall?"

Eitan:  "Je veux une pomme."
Sonnet: "Eitan is going to France on Saturday with his class."
Eitan: "J'adore regarder la television."
Eitan: "Quand il pleure je mang-ez une from-mage avec le chien."
Me: "Say: 'J'ai une grosse willie.'"
Eitan: "Ha ha ha!"
Me: "Say it to one of the teachers."
Sonnet: "You will not say that to your teacher."

Me: "What are you doing?"
Eitan: "Making a soap-box for school. .. ."
Me: "What's that?"
Eitan: "It's a power point presentation. I have to explain how to do something."
Sonnet: "Oh?"
Eitan: "I am going to describe how to train a dog."
Me: "You mean, ignore the dog for three weeks until dad yells at you to take him outside ?"
Eitan: "I've trained Rusty to do tricks. I taught him how to roll over."
Sonnet: "Madeleine gets credit for training Rusty how to roll over."
Eitan: "What?! I taught him how to roll over. And sit. And heel."
Me: "Can I sit in the back of the classroom when you give your presentation?"
Me: "Now that would be fun."