Sunday, March 4


The British swimming trials kick off yesterday at the Olympic pool and Sonnet takes the boy while I attend to Madeleine and drama class. The competition used as a tune-up for the summer games so there are hundreds of helpful volunteers and security professionals standing in the cold rain.  Entering the Olympics park, we go through security equivalent to Heathrow, only here the guards joke in good humour. They've only been doing it for a couple weeks .

Today, we switch:  Sonnet with  Eitan at the Surrey swimming championships (he swims the 200m freestyle and 200m individual medley) while Madeleine and I to the trials, joined by our fabulous Czech au pair Kamila , pictured, and her visiting brother, Mathais, who high jumps over 2-meters. Holy mackerel. He recently won the Czech under-18s for the event.