Saturday, February 25

Redwood Forest Trail

Guy and I walk a familiar path.

I am in capable hands, too: Guy was President of The Sierra Club Foundation 2004-6 and now sits on the board of the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance. In 2005 he wrote "The Getaway Guide to the John Muir Trail" about backpacking the 236-mile John Muir Trail with his son Jacobus. The book won the Gold Award for Best Guidebook in 2006 from the Society of American Travel Writers. In 2002, he kayaked the Grand Canyon and backpacked the 200-mile Tahoe-to-Yosemite trail. In 2003, he received the Mark Dubois Award from Friends of the River for his work preserving American rivers.

Guy owns a piece of the Oakland A's which is on my mind since I watch "Moneyball" on my outbound flight. The movie profiles A's general manager Billie Bean (Guy says Brad Pitt "nails it") who uses quant methods to select ball players - the first time datas used in scouting. In 2002 the A's, with one of baseball's lowest payrolls, set the American League record for most consecutive wins at 20.

The day before I am with David Coats, who is doing the same thing for venture capital : he, too, receives substantial push-back from the establishment. I and everyone in the December closing of Correlation Ventures I hoping for a similar miracle. I expect it.