Saturday, October 1

Sabi's Studio

We visit Sabi's open-house in W10, a cool space in a dense urban setting. Sabi new to this particular artist commune having spent the last number of years at the Wimbledon Art Studio. Last we were together : The Airborne Toxic Event.

Here is Sabi's profile on the Saatchi Gallery:
"My work lies between the practices of Abstraction and Ornamentation. It is influenced by both my Islamic sensibility and my Western art education.I use abstract shapes,pattern,all over surface decoration, architectural and calligraphic line and lots of colour.I have made this series of work in conjunction with Tamasha Theatre Company to complement their recent production of Rohinton Mistry's 'A Fine Balance'.I wanted to make work that alluded to the theatricality of both the story and Tamasha's adaptation of it."