Saturday, April 23


Sonnet and I to Camden for Airborne Toxic Event. Beforehand we have a drink in Primrose Hill with Dana and Nathan and watch them juggle a whole lot of DNA - youngest Sierra nine months old. Dana walks us across the Regent's Canal, by Kate Moss's house, where we meet Simon and Sabi for the concert. Simon went to Uni nearby and, in his yuf, at Koko (then Camden Palace) every Friday or Saturday - Simon's dad was the CEO of EMI Film and Simon had a cool college job that gave him cred and some dough. He notes that his last time at Koko was '85 so, yes, we are on the older side of the averages but feeling young. After the show we go to a Spanish restaurant whose owner gently asks us to leave as we linger well beyond his last customer. A great evening.

Madeleine and I go for a walk in Richmond Park. Madeleine: "You know that pocket knife you gave me?"
Me: "Yes ."
Madeleine: "Where did it come from?"
Me: "Your grandfather gave it to you. Moe and I discussed the knife, which was very special to him. We thought you were ready for it."
Madeleine: "Was it his father's?"
Me: "It is a good question, I don't know. What are some of your other valuable things?"
Madeleine: "My microscope, the koala bear. Money. I have 105 pounds."
Me: "What is the most valuable thing you have?"
Madeleine: "Rusty?"
Me: "How about your genetic composition, love? You can make another human being just like you."
Madeleine: "Maybe if I have a kid I will give him my pocket knife."

Me: "So, Madeleine, after nine years what do you think of the world we live in?"
Madeleine: "It's kind of odd."
Me: "Yes?"
Madeleine: "Some places are good and other places are at war. I would like there to be more plants. And no one to kill animals. I would want it to be peaceful."
Me: "Do you like London?"
Madeleine: "No."
Madeleine: "It is too rowdy. I like Berkeley. I like San Francisco."
Me: "You and me both kid."