Friday, September 2

Eitan Cooks

We're back to our routine which means : Eitan cooks.  Here, the boy bakes a chocolate cream pie including the hard bit : the crust.  Says Eitan: "All you do, is, um, um, you crush the rich tea biscuits until they resemble fine crumbs. Then you mix it with soft butter. Then you bake it for eight minutes." Madeleine works on a Tomato pappa, using the last of the summer tomatoes which, by the way, have grown to my height and produce, so far, many tens of fruit. The secret, Aneta told me, to pick the small stalks from between the large branches then, once fully grown, strips the plants of their leaves.  Any way, it worked.

Me: "Anything you want to say for the blog?"
Eitan: "Poo!"
Madeleine: "First of all, I am getting a Gecko.  Also: Dad's hair is really messy at the moment."
Eitan: "Here's one: I don't know the difference between Tesco eggs and Able & Cole eggs."
Me: "Nice thoughts for the cosmos .. ."
Madeleine: "Thank you."