Sunday, January 16


Eitan's Kew Park Rangers take on Division Leader Target Sports in a thrilling game which sees the Blues lose 2-1. Both sides play to their limit and Target's goalie impenetrable - he is also the biggest kid on the pitch. Eitan scores KPR's goal after a cross field break-away that confuses the goalie, who races forward to snatch the ball only Eitan squirts by him then hooks a left foot on the ball for an impossibly difficult angled shot that skips into the lower corner of the net. He tells me later that he did not know if it went in since his momentum carried him beyond the goal post. Afterwards the boys sprawled out on the grass and receive kudos from the coaches. It should have been a draw but that's the way it goes. Nobody complaining about the team's comportment.

Aggie stops by this afternoon - last I saw her, she was on a 30 hour bus ride to Poland for the Xmas which turns out to be the quick-route given Heathrow closed for five days due to snow. Aggie starts her new job tomorrow at Deloittes, an offer she receives during the holidays.

Me: "Look at all that mess. Good thing I've got you to clean it up."
Eitan: "No. One, mom is using that mess. And two, I am doing my homework."
Me: "You should be a lawyer."
Eitan: "Why?"
Me: "Because you know how to make a good argument."
Eitan: "I never want to be a lawyer."
Me: "And why is that?"
Eitan: "Number one, you always say that I should do what makes me happy. Number two, I want to be a footballer. Number three, I want to be a chef. And number four, I want to be an author."

Eitan: "You know, you are not a very good singer."
Me: "I will have you know that I once gave Michael Jackson lessons on singing."
Eitan: "Ha ha ha. Let me see your 'moon walk' then."
Eitan watches me 'moon walk': "What?! Even Gracie could do a better 'moon walk' than that!"