Thursday, September 30

Birthday Banana

In the past 24 hours we have celebrated two yuful birthdays: Katie yesterday and Eitan, who turns ten, today. 

The boy's celebration begins last night as ManU's Javier Hernandez scores a dramatic game-winner against Valenzia in the final minutes of the all important Champions League qualifier. Sonnet, I and Joseph, who is over for dinner, hear him yelp - way past his bedtime, I might point out, but I figure the kid deserves a bone every now and again. He almost loses the privilege on the way to swimming practice as he and Madeleine fight in the back seat (Eitan denies wrong-doing but Nathanial points out helpfully: "You can see the bite marks on Madeleine's arm"). 

This morning Sonnet, per tradition, makes Eitan breakfast in bed. Beforehand he is in our bedroom as Sonnet readies herself for work and we have a discussion about our favorite books. Since mine may be Churchill's World War II memoirs, whose six volumes I read in two months when I was 24, we discuss Europe - thanks to Churchill, history is more compelling than any fiction I know. Eitan a rapt listener. Madeleine in her bedroom listening to Harry Potter with one thing on her mind. Guess. Tonight, per Eitan's request, we will go to Wagamama's noodle restaurant. He takes his classmates crisps - one bag each. Football slumber party Saturday. 

Yep, a good day for us all.

Me, driving: "Enough! Stop fighting! No ManU game tonight."
Eitan: "That is so unfair. Please let me watch the game.. you promised!"
Me: "I gave you three warnings and you you chose not to listen."
Me, a bit later: "Look, I know this is a big game. If you give me something I want, maybe I will reconsider the game."
Eitan: "How about if I do the dishes for two weeks?"
Me: "You do that already."
Eitan: "Money?"
Madeleine: "I know! I know!"
Eitan: "I will do the yard work without complaining."
Me: "OK, we are getting close to something."
Madeleine: "Dad, please - I have an idea!"
Me: "Yes, Madeleine?"
Madeleine: "He can do my chores."
Madeleine: "Eitan gets to watch ManU and I don't have to do chores."
Madeleine: "Win-win, Dad. Just like you always are saying."