Sunday, June 29

Upper West

Katie in action

Mid-morning Wednesday we buy the papers, make our calls or emails and I overhear my sister discuss The Op-Ed Project which is something she clearly loves. It has momentum and every woman I meet wants to be involved somehow and has something to contribute - a sure sign she is onto something good. A best thing about Katie's life is that everything is generally within two blocks: greasy diner, pedicure, Korean fruit & vedg, yoga, coffee ... the park nearby for running and best friends all within walking distance. I can see why hard to leave NY once sorted. In London and yesterday, I shuffle the kids to swimming, football and performance class while sonnet at CHODA. Afterwards we nap - a forced activity for the sprogues - who wants to sleep on a beautiful Saturday? Eitan and I have a deal for the German-Spain Euro Cup final Sunday: as a week night, he sleeps extra-time. The boy does not complain and will watch the game with Joe-Y-H and others at Joe's house with friends, several German. Eitan roots for Spain BTW as Torres plays for Manchester United and Fabregas the lead scorer for Arsenal. It's like watching the NFL and rooting against a city because you hate the airport - it's personal. Eitan and his gang know more about their players then, well, anything. I cannot keep up with the sponge who has stats on anybody playing tonight. Including the bench.

Madeleine does her homework which is to describe her summer. She asks: "are we going to Vermont? Paris? That Hotel?" She also remembers "the sprinklers."

I pay Madeleine five-p every time she reads "a" instead of saying "ah" while completing "The Treasure Chest."

At the hardware: I give in and buy the kids alarm-clocks (not sure where my mind was on that one). Eitan's goes off at 6:05AM this morning, yes Sunday. Madeleine upset because hers not first. God.