Friday, July 2

Rich Man, Poor Man

I will lead a story in Madeleine's class about.. money, which the kids are studying. Madeleine has been full of ideas including a story about "a rich man and a poor man and being famous." I encourage her to write a script for our performance (she has agreed to be my under-study) and so she scribbles away. After school I to take her to costume shop "Party Palace" so she can be a 'wealthy man,' pictured, 100% her interpretation. She wears Eitan's jacket which gets a rise from the boy until I remind him that he hates it. He ponders the dilemma. Lest this seems like an inappropriate use of classroom time, I speak to Madeleine's teacher and we come up with a plan consistent with the children's lessons. No doubt I will improvise.

Me: "What lesson should our story tell?"
Madeleine: "Why you shouldn't have too much pocket money then you can be greedy. "
Me: "Great, what else?"
Madeleine: "We can pretend you are my dad, which you are, and you give me some money. I go to the candy store and spend it. Then I come back [to class] and you give me a lesson about not spending all my allowance. And then I am not spoiled. How about that?"

Madeleine, cheerfully: "Dad I've got the things I am going to pretend to buy."
Madeleine shows me a nutra-grain bar honey, a candy bar filled with tissue ("do you think there is chocolate inside?") and a box of sugar.
Me: "You go for it."