Saturday, May 16


Eitan tries on his new suit for Diane's wedding and boy is he not happy about it. No kid wants to look like a peacock but Eitan an extreme. When I ask why? he sniffs: "because I don't want to." When I tell him this no argument he widens his answer: "because I really don't want to." Despite my strong tones, Sonnet and I chuckle - poor kid. He does look smashing in a white shirt and tie though and I am often prone to call him (and Madeleine) DDG or "Drop Dead Gorgeous" which is what Diana called Wills (but never Harry). Eitan hates it.

Eitan begins Kumon (maths tutorial) following a year-long campaign culminating in a solicitation-for-support from his grandparents. Terms are agreed between Eitan and Moe, Eitan has his financing, and away we go. Madeleine has been in Kumon for two years under strong protest. Despite the resistance, she has enjoyed rapid improvement and she is now on pace with school targets whereas before - oh, dear. Eitan, on the other had, begins ahead of the curve and already one of his class's top-performers. This is why I resist additional work but forced to change my position when Eitan noted bluntly: "Dad, you always say you want me to be the best I can be and now you are not letting me" and what can I say? Kumon. (Thank you Moe and Grace)