Thursday, June 4

Hawthorne Rd

Marcia and Larry's home in Bronxville has been a wonderful presence ever since I can remember. Ivor and I stayed here the two weeks before Brown and somehow by ourselves, oh dear. Following several nights at The Palladium and Tunnel, we were out of money fast and spent our time eating bologne sandwiches and watching James Bond since Larry owns the collection starting with Dr. No. During this time we were joined by Berkeley High friends Dan, on his way to Cornell, and John. We tripped around Manhattan checking out girls and being 18. New York was a bit grimier then and the subways graffiti covered. Still, the boom was "on" in '85 and insider trader scum like Ivan Boesky "greed is good" celebrated by our culture and appearing on the cover of Time. These fuckers never go away.

Katie and I also used Bronxville as home-base in college on our way into the Big City and then of course First Boston post-college a night here was bliss away from commanding Managing Directors who all wanted my ass. Being in Bronxville equivalent to a five-star hotel - one knows they are in good hands. The grass groomed, flowers seasonal, shops charming and everybody knows each other. Catching the morning train to Manhattan the gentlemen wear similar outfits (tan Burberry if rain; Brooks Brother tie; black wing-tips) and absorbed in the WSJ. The wives have the kids and the kids have each other: the Bronxville school from K to 12 and one of the best in the county. Marcia and Larry have been important contributors to the community too - Marcia being the mayor and Larry recently becoming a Board Trustee of Sarah Laurance College. On the week end or whenever, they have
Vermont where we are soon off to for Diane's wedding. Life is good.