Sunday, June 7


We arrive in Dorset, VT in anticipation of Diane's Big Day and a bit nervous about the weather - forecast has been for rain and apparently snow at 1,500 feet the other night. Plus the last ten days here apparently cold and wet - sounds like England to me. My photo from Marcia and Larry's porch. I have shot the pond before and it is always different, beautiful. Larry, who is a serious photographer in his semi-retirement, and I discuss the view which he has captured "many tens of thousands of times" he chuckles and while it never grows old, there is only so much space on a wall. Instead, Larry traveling the country or the world taking images, according to Marcia, of things that may not be around. I see shots of rusting bridges or unused barns, old trucks and empty highways; in China, there is a craftsmen doing work that otherwise churned out by factory. We spend some time talking about photography's change awknowledging that we may never to return to the dark-room, much to my regret, having learned this craft after a considerable investment in time when the kids were young (I cherish my B&Ws BTW which, unlike digital, rest in a stack that I continue to study). Any way, today is about reunions as cousins Kelly, Susan, Diane, Katie and Me together with the three Aunts Grace, Marcia and Carla (note that I am proudly the only male in the lot, oh how my Grandfather Manning must have rejoiced)+husbands+the next generation of DNA. Sonnet/My DNA re-acquant themselves with Jake, Joey and the mill pool. It is a lovely afternoon and when the mosquitoes arrive at dusk, we move inside until the children beg for bed.