Friday, October 5

Kate and Wills - Back On

We are are all pleased and relieved - especially the paparazzi - that the Prince has finally returned to his senses and picked up his relationship with Kate Middleton, who has stolen Britain's heart with her down-to-earth style and rugged good looks (they broke up, dear reader, in April). On the balance, Wils is fast losing his hair, has no career prospects whatsoever and doesn't seem particularly involved in charities or world travel. He's frequently pictured stumbling from Boujis or some other Mayfair nightclub and even the dreadful Harry is making ground on him. So all I can say is: "Thank God for you, Kate" who single-handidly restores some dignity to this situation.

I fly to Bad Homborg then Hannover yesterday, returning to London and my blog today. Meetings go well with the fall-like weather and I have dinner at Titus- one of best in Lower Saxony. It has been a while since I have had foie gras but man do we indulge last night in what becomes a five course meal with three different wines by dessert. This alone makes the trip worthwhile but everything else makes it better.