Sunday, May 24


Maya this morning - she is wonderfully photogenic and unlike mine, she does not avoid the camera. Nor do I have to pay her per photo. Here is what Maya says about this shot: "I am a berry monster. I eat strawberries." Sonnet and Mary head for yoga - Sonnet in a borrowed pair of leapoard skin tights which are tres cool. Rrrrrr. Mary up at 5:15AM to do some work - she has a client in Amsterdam - while I manage to do the opposite sleeping from 8PM until 8AM. I am not embarrassed, I might add. This the price of travel - at some point I crash out and need to re-boot. It is amazing, really, that we take global travel for granted. I can jump into a metal tube and voila! arrive on the other side of the planet earth. Humans not meant for this kind of thing, surely, but not that I complain. It allows us to live far away and enjoy our family and friends. Somewhere in there too I can work - as now, with Correlation Ventures which is a new West Coast client using hard-data input to rank particular meaningful decision variables and so quantify venture investing. It is different (or "differentiated" as the industry likes to say). None of this I could have ever planned.