Friday, December 26

Gordon MacRae And A Correction

"Oklahoma," which remains on my mind, gave us many great songs and Gordon MacRae - the fabulous singer and gayest cowboy on film. Ever. Period. The movie starts with MacRae's character clopping on his white horse singing "Oh What A Beautiful Mornin" in a bright tangerine red shirt and silk neck handkerchief. His gun holster hangs suggestively and his pants packed. Tight. Sonnet and I love it. Anyway, I am prompted to re-visit the opening song because Moe corrects me that "When I awakened you and Katie early in the morning for swimming I always said 'It's Uppy, Uppy Time' and "It was only when we shortly thereafter arrived at the King Pool (early, of course,) that I broke out in the refrain, 'Oh what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful day, I got etc.' To be fair, I only imposed this on the two of you on the bleakest, darkest, rainy, windy and miserable days, as we collectively waited for the pool to open. This effort at pleasantry on my part was also, I am afraid, not fully appreciated by you or Katie." Ah yes - it somehow feels like yesterday.

Eitan indignantly to me: "You always get to do what you want to do. Watch TV. Go into town. Eat a taco."
Me: "Eat a taco?"
Eitan: "Yeah, or whatever."