Thursday, June 26


Here is Moe, with the usual gleam in his eye, in Carmel Valley where our family re-unions last week. From this, we may surmise that Moe was - and is - a wise-ass. Of many examples, I recall college when he mailed me $1 for every letter home. I got the point.

Growing up we spent a a good summer's week each year in Carmel Valley even locating a local swim club - the Barracudas - so Katie and I could train away. No doubt this is a lovely part of California and while Carmel gets the fog and cool Pacific weather, the valley is sheltered and easily 15 degrees warmer. Last week temps are 105 in the shade. CV Village (median family income: $85,191) has excellent coffee and a good walking destination. Clint Eastwood is still around, I am told, and famously Carmel's mayor (pop 4,000) in 1986. Apparently Clint wanted a golf course, got pissed off by the small-town bureaucracy, ran last-minute and received 73% of the vote. He bailed after one term and who can blame him? Maybe he wanted a fall-back to Every Which Way But Loose when he co-starred with an orangutan. Clint's restaurant, the Hogs Breath Inn, we enjoyed in the '70s and early '80s and remains today more-or-less unchanged - Katie finds it and sends me a pic on her mobile. Cool.

I'm here for Laurance's wedding and the kiddos in school so Sonnet and them remain in London. They'll get theirs when we split Britain for the summer next month.