Friday, October 3

The Cap'n

In St John's Wood I have an inspired moment: I visit the grocery on Princess Rd famous for selling American goods like Nestle chocolate chips, Paul Newman's Own and sugar cereal - all the classics, too. Growing up, there was a no-sugar-cereal rule which was occasionally broken on holiday when we got the "gift pack" of six or eight small, diner-size boxes. Otherwise Katie and I longingly walked the grocery isle touching "Lucky Charms," "Count Chocula" and "Boo-Berry" and of course "Cap'n Crunch" which in my humble opinion is simply the all time best. So, seeing how Sonnet away this week end, I bring home a box of The Cap'n and Fruit Loops which gets a shocked surprise from Madeleine: "Is that for us, Dad? Is it really? Really?" Madeleine of course wants three-bowls at once (I limit to one and only at breakfast) while Eitan wants to spread out the pleasure in routine: "Can we eat it Tuesdays and Thursdays?" he asks. I don't really care how they eat their "suga" cereal as long as they also eat it with fruit. Dad is on patrol.